Siomo Tea Factory (EPZ) is a wholly Kenyan privately owned tea factory in Siomo location of Bomet County right at the edge of the Mau forest southwest in an enclave. Factory was commissioned in 2017, it is a 3 line capacity factory with 2 lines installed with CTC machinery. STF is designated an Export promotion zone, thus 100% of our teas will be for export.

Highest Quality Teas

Best quality teas leaves from the Kenyan Highlands

Pure & OriginalTaste

Feel the natural flavour or organically grown tea

Finest Blends of Tea

Our teas are carefully selected, blended and sorted

Our teas are carefully selected, blended and sorted

Hand picked from organically grown tea plantation , grown in the highly fertile volcanic soils in the Kenyan highlands

Our Teas

Carefully selected and blended to preserve the natural flavours

Every morning, as the highland fresh airs fills the lungs of our great runners. Our enthusiastic farmers pick the best quality teas leaves to create the finest cup of tea Kenya tea.