World leader in high quality teas

About Siomo

Siomo Tea Factory (EPZ) is a wholly Kenyan privately owned tea factory in Siomo location of Bomet County right at the edge of the Mau forest southwest in an enclave. Factory was commissioned in 2017, it is a 3 line capacity factory with 2 lines installed with CTC machinery. STF is designated an Export promotion zone, thus 100% of our teas will be for export.

Siomo Tea Factory vision is to produce the best black tea and other special teas in the world. High quality and productive tea requires the latest modern machinery combined with modern agricultural practices to produce cost-effective, efficient and efficacious production operations. Siomo has already hired some of the most experienced staff members to bring in the needed knowledge and expertise. The board members are comprised of individuals with vast experience in management and bring unique qualities skill sets to drive the strategy of the company.

Our strategy is built on the foundation of our core values; integrity, respect, innovation and reliable are which will drive us to realize our vision. Our small-scale farmers have rallied around the factory to support it in may ways.

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